Ashramshala (Residential School) was established on 1st November 1958, is spread over 12 Acers. Today 123 students study. It has looked after by 5 Teaching Staff, 1 Agri Helper, 1 Head Cook, 1 Assistant Cook, 1 Cooking Helper. Ashramshala is covered with orchard of Fruit bearing trees & some part is utilized for farming. Through farming activity students get fresh fruits and organic vegetables. They also learn how they can be self sufficient & sustain even if they have small piece of land. They learn how to work in a team. Teachers can identify talents and can further develop their talents. Students can learn basic principles given by Mahatma Gandhi and become goods citizens of India which can spread harmony among others through their knowledge and basic skills. Ashramshala at Maroli is situated near Dandi, where salt satyagrah took place. It is worth visit in a life time. Other schools, educational institute can organize one day tour to Ashramshala with prior intimation so that arrangements can be done for food and other facilities. We also take initiatives for joint workshop with other schools so that students can interact with other teachers and students.