Our Activities

Ashramshala and Hostels :

Only education can bring the makeshift in the lives of people, believing in this philosophy mayaji and Mr kalyanjibhai started Ashrams in the remote/forest areas for the adivasis. Today the Ashrams are functional in Chaswad District, Bharuch, Kevadi, Maroli and Ambawadi areas of Gujarat.

Mental Hospital :

Mental hospital at Maroli is unique. It is not a lunatic asylum. Mental patients live with the family during the treatment, during quit-India movement of 1942, many freedom fighters were tortured by the British Police and then they lost their mental balance.
Pu Gandhiji entrusted Ms Mithuben to take care of such patients and to give them love, sympathy and warmth. This is the cause of establishment of Maroli mantal hospital.
Today many patients from Maharashtra, Rajasthan and M.P. come for their treatments, as these patients cannot afford Dr. fees, the treatment is given to them at very low rate, most of them recover and begin to live their normal life.

Dispensaries and healthcare facilities :

In 1931 after Bardoli Satyagrah many people migrated and lived in Pandol which is the village of Vadodra State, because of unseasonal rain people suffered from sickness. Ashram started mobile dispensary service when the migrated people returned to their native place, the mobile dispensary was turned into public dispensary in Maroli and that dispensary was inaugurated by Mr Sardar Patel. Together Ms Mithuben and Kalyanjibhai started dispensary at Chaswad in the forst area of Rajpipla and then the started at Kevadi in Surat District. Today many tribal people get treatment in these places. In Kevadi, the Snakebites are very common so they have specialized in the treatment of snake bites for which the center is very famous.

Social Services :

With the sole motive and bring confidence of the lives in tribal area, various camps and activities are conducted like eye-camp, personality development shibir, parents assembly, teenaged boys and girls shibir, organic farming, women awakening shibir, self employment training and gandhi mela etc.

Centres Run By Kasturba Sevashram – Maroli

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